About TJM Geelong

Starting in 1968 in the automotive trade, our family-owned business has progressed through the years by branching out into the towing and then into the 4WD industries.

Our first sales for the TJM brand was in 1986, purchasing at that time from a Melbourne distributor for the Queensland based company. As our sales grew, so did the need for a distributor in the Geelong and western district, and TJM Geelong was born.

With the growth of sales in the 4WD side of business, we found our premises could not cope and launched our new retail store in April 2003.

TJM stores are a group of independently owned and operated 4WD stores throughout Australia, giving you, the customer, a competitive price with our groups buying power. TJM also offer an Australia wide after sales backup on their products.

Whilst stocking TJM products we also carry a large range of other 4WD accessories to complete your 4WDing needs.

So, what can we offer you...?

- Can-do, can-get attitude
- Ever increasing variety of stock
- Traditional family values
- Working displays

And as the motto states we are:

We have got you covered.