TJM Garage Sale


Save up to $655 on select Tradesman Bull Bars, Outback Bull Bars, and Aeroklas canopies for pre-model vehicles during out massive October Garage Sale!

Sale begins on 02/10/2018 and ends on 31/10/2018.

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ALL NEW TJM Premium Canopy


Introducting the new TJM Premium Canopy.

This canopy is rich with features, including:

If you are looking for a convenient solution for your dual cab, look no further than the new TJM Premium Canopy. To find out how to get your 4x4 Equipped with a TJM Premium Canopy, call our friendly sales staff on 03 5277 1444. For more information about this canopy, click here

Product Highlight - TJM Rated Recovery Points


TJM bull bars feature integrated recovery points rated to over 8 tonnes and built in winch mount. Available on most Outback, Signature and Trademsan bars 2015+. To find out if these are available for your vehicle, call our sales staff on 03 5277 1444. To learn more, click here.

Product Highlight - TJM Connect


TJM Connect is a an intelligent system that allows you to control your 4×4 accessories with the simple tap of a button from the driver’s seat. From switching on driving lights, through to activation of difflockers and compressors, TJM Connect will do all the hard work for you. Designed and manufactured right here in Australia, this system was purpose-built for 4×4 use and engineered to perform in tough conditions.

Download the app and use your smartphone as a remote for even more control so you can perform winching, activate diff-lockers, or deflate tyres for driving on sand. Make your own presets to ‘set and forget’ then get back to doing what you love behind the wheel. Get connected and bump up your 4×4’s IQ with TJM Connect.

Offroad Adventures - TJM Recovery Straps

Dave from the Australian Offroad Academy offers some handy advice about the different types of TJM Recovery Straps, which to use, and when to use them, so you can make the most of your TJM Recovery Gear. 




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